22nd of May,2013

The National U 17 Female Team the Black Maidens will resume camping ahead of the FIFA U17 world championship qualification to COSTA RICA 2014.Information gathered by can confirm that  the team will be call to camp by the first week of June 2013 for an exercise to get young and talented girls who are under the ages of 17 to make up the team for the Africa Qualifiers in July and August.

The Northern girls  are likely to dominate the team for a fact that their predecessors (Sumaila Sherifa, Abdul- rahaman Rasheeda, Abdul-rahaman Samira and Fuseini Amina) made the Region and the Nation  proud in the last U17 world Cup in Azerbaijan  where the Northern Girls played vital roles in the teams Successes to the Medal Zone.

Tufaghanafc .com gathers that Abdul-rahaman Samira and Fuseini Amina will be key to the team, Alhassan Rahama, Alhassan Rafia and Abdul-rahaman Sulaim who missed the last world cup will also be invited as well as Adam Awini Sherifa, Georgina Awoyem, Adam Husina, Nuhu Farihana, Zuberu Hikma and Abubakari Latifa.