23 July, 2012

Saturday, July 28 is World Hepatitis Day and would be marked with sporting activities at Kasalgu organized by Tamale Utrecht Football Academy and Comfort foundation.

The two sister organizations are collaborating to campaign on the dangers posed by the Hepatitis B menace that is fast spreading in the West African Sub-region.

According to a study conducted in Ghana, one out of twelve people are infected with the disease and the day would be marked with the theme “Hepatitis B is more dangerous than HIV/AIDS” with a debate at the Pagnaa Senior High on Saturday.

Tamale Utrecht Football Academy U-13 will be drawn with three other colts clubs in Tamale to engage in a 4-club tournament as part of the day’s events to be climaxed with a community education on Hepatis B with the chiefs and people of Kasalgu.

TUFA is collaborating with Comfort Foundation which is a non-profit NGO that concentrates on education, screening, vaccinating and other health care issues to promote good health practices in the Northern region.