12th October, 2011

A Tamale high court on Wednesday issued an injunction on the regional division two league. Four persons of the regional division two league committee were also served with sermons after supporters of Liberty Babies, acting through their counsel applied for their club to be declared as one of the two teams to qualify to the next stage of the division two league from zone 1.

The division two committee had earlier made a decision declaring Galaxy FC to qualify and participate in the next stage of the competition with Tamale Utrecht from zone 1.However the supporters of Liberty Babies are claiming that due diligence was not followed in the disciplinary cases of the respective last matches of the four clubs in zone 1.

It would be recalled that Galaxy FC match against Tamale Utrecht FC was aborted following attack on the referees of the match by fans of Galaxy FC whilst Liberty Babies match against Tamale Allstars was cancelled subsequent to the withdrawal of latter.

The plaintiffs are therefore claiming that liberty FC should not have been punished by forfeiture since the withdrawal of Tamale Allstars was not at their instance and that their points should be restored. They continued that Galaxy FC was supposed to have forfeited the aborted match with Tamale Utrecht since their supporters caused the abrupt end of the match.

The regional football association has therefore scheduled an emergency meeting tomorrow to review the case and to allow for the continuation of the division two league.

Meanwhile referees for the division two league have also boycotted the competition for what they claimed the regional football association disregard to punish offending clubs in match riots. They mentioned the case of the match between Galaxy FC and Tamale Utrecht where supporters of the former beat their colleague and to their astonishment the club was not been punished but promoted to the next stage of the competition.