Basic principles

Partner FC Utrecht wants to be a club that is involved in society, has good relationships with neighboring amateur soccer clubs and makes a contribution to the societal development of its city and region. This applies equally to TUFC/TUFA and in this respect both clubs learn from each other. That is why the three objectives are as follows:

1. To develop a strong team which the residents are proud of and with which they can identify
2. To support clubs from the region
3. To provide societal program together with local clubs, other aid organizations and local partners
In order to achieve these objectives, the following principles will be employed:
1. Intensive cooperation with local clubs, the national football league, the government, the community and parents
2. Development of players, leagues and the community go hand in hand
3. Training for a career both within and outside of soccer
4. Fair transfer fees and retransfer fees to clubs
5. Age category academy: no players younger than 14 years old because of growing up in an unnatural environment
6. Separate football club