Be Just FC

Be Just FC Cape Coast, GhanaIn het zuiden van Ghana – Cape Coast – is een partnerclub van TUFA gevestigd, genaamd Be Just FC. Voorzitter Jacob Anthony Aihoon bezoekt met zijn club regelmatig weeshuizen, gevangenissen en ziekenhuizen, om zo door middel van voetbal bij te dragen aan ontwikkeling. Frans van Seumeren sponsort deze club sinds 2009.

Coach Jacob:
“With the assistance Mr. Frans has given us so far by donation of football jerseys, footballs and other sport equipment, the team has really improved in the last few years to my expectation. I would not have come this far if we wouldn’t have got his kind support both financially and sports materials.
Mr. Frans has also given hope to the youth of Cape Coast and its neighboring communities by building Be Just FC, which started from zero to now a well-known football club. A football club formed basically to train talented football players for a brighter future and to provide livelihood for the people within the community and beyond."
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