13th April, 2014

The Tamale Utrecht Football Academy is looking to recruit the next generation of footballing talent in the three Northern regions. Many players with the potential to make it as a professional may have felt that they missed their chance to do so two years ago. However TUFA offers a second chance to aspiring footballers to showcase their talents to the entire world.

The Academy was founded in 2011 by the brain of Abdulai Alhassan[Abu Imoro] but with support from it’s parent club FC Utrecht in Holland and has qualified coaches, former professional players and scouts from Juvenile colt teams and from school competitions. It has been created to help develop the next generation of footballing talent in the three Northern regions and works with players from the age of 12 and up. It also aims to give players who may have slipped through the usual scouting networks or been released by their club another chance at making it is a professional.

Tamale Utrecht Football Academy is a football organisation with a difference. Not only does it work with young footballers aspiring to be professionals it works with a range of junior teams, Community groups, schools within the special needs sector and other educational authorities. It offers a range of football trials and courses for players of all ages and abilities and more information can be found on their website.www.tufaghanafc.com

The scouting programe will commence on Saturday, 19th April at the Tamale Stadium Annex beginning with Sagnarigu District.