Abu’s story broadcasted on television

30th of July, 2011

Earlier this year we posted a news item about Abu and Jolanda’s collaboration in the Surprising Europe project, which wants to contribute to the debate about migration from Africa to Europe and create awareness about the real life of Africans in Europe. In the meantime the item was broadcasted on the Dutch television and can be watched again through the Dutch website Uitzending Gemist. Abu and Jolanda lent their participation in the project because of TUFA’s Human Trafficking program, through which they educate Ghanaian Footballers about the dangers of human trafficking and give them a realistic picture of what they can expect about life in Europe.

 Abu: “I am pleased with the result. The item – as well as the entire series – makes clear that life in Europe is not strewn with roses. Eventually everyone makes a personal decision whether or not to go to Europe, but it is important that they get correct information. One point of correction: I have not played for FC Utrecht, I only went there for an internship. The strict Dutch immigration regulations regarding non-European footballers prevented me to get a contract – another major obstacle for many African footballers”.

 The entire series consists of nine episodes, which are broadcasted in Holland as well as on Al Jazeera. The Surprising Europe television series will be broadcasted worldwide on Al Jazeera English from August 8, 2011. Broadcast times: on Mondays 10.30 PM, on Tuesdays 9.30 AM, on Wednesdays 3.30 AM, and on Thursdays 4.30 PM GMT. From July 8 on Dutch public television every Friday at 4.30 PM on Ned 2 (Human). Apart from the television series, the Surprising Europe project consists of a documentary and an interactive website: www.surprisingeurope.com.