27th of July, 2011

Alhaji Adam Munkaila was today re-elected by delegates of the Northern Regional Football Association as chairman of the regional body for a second term in office. He polled 61 votes of the 98 vote cast representing 62.42 % whilst Mr Karim Mahama Star polled 37 votes representing 37.58 %.

Mr. Karim Mahama shortly after his defeat in the election moved to the floor and congratulated Alhaji Munkaila for his electoral success and pledge to offer the necessary support to his friend in any capacity found in the next administration of football in the region.

In his victory speech, Alhaji Adam Munkaila commended delegates for having repose confidence in him and re-elected him for another four year term and promised to continue the development of football in the region.

Prior to the commencement of the voting process the conference hall was invaded by thugs allegedly organized by Alhaji Munkaila to intimidate and influence the decision of delegates to enhance his electoral fortunes. However calm was resorted after security personnel present intervened for the voting process to continue.