Wilde Ganzen sponsors TUFA

 of May, 2012

Dutch developmental organization is going to support TUFA. It concerns the construction of the classrooms at the TUFA complex, where the players receive Junior High School education and life skills training.

The cooperation comes down to Wilde Ganzen increasing the donations to TUFA with 55%. Part of the donations arise from the business trip to Ghana that TUFA is organising in collaboration with FC4YOU. This coming Friday eleven Dutch sympathizers are leaving for Ghana to witness the opening of the football academy and to enjoy a relaxing tourist program.

Vital in decision-making is the fact that TUFA offers much more than only football training. TUFA also offers schooling and prepares the young talents for a social career through a life skills training program. Contracts are entered into to last from beginning to end: players finish their school and the ones that do not succeed as a football player are prepared for an alternative career. Besides not only TUFA players are given a chance, also players and clubs from the region take part in the project.

Wilde Ganzen is an expert in the field of concrete projects in developing countries. They enable people to execute their private initiatives to fight poverty. For this purpose funds are raised and knowledge and guidance is given. Together with concerned Dutch people Wilde Ganzen has been doing this for nearly 55 years. This .nlway about 10,000 projects have been successfully completed so far. For more information check www.wildeganzen.nl.