Dutch delegation to TUFA


This Saturday eleven Dutchmen are leaving for Tamale to attend the opening of the football school. Apart from this festive event several relaxing activities is scheduled for, such as a visit to Mole National Park, the Botanical gardens near Aburi Mountains and a tour to local entrepreneurs.

The Dutchmen will be accompanied by Frans van Seumeren and his wife, owner and sponsor of the football academy. “At the spot where I, dressed in a weird dress, had to swallow a horrible tasting nut in the presence of the chief, has now risen a complete academy. We are looking forward to witness the opening ceremony and to see the staff again”, Frans van Seumeren said.

The proceeds of the trip will be used to build the classrooms, where players are receiving Junior High School education and life skills training. Wilde Ganzen increases the amount with 55%.

TUFA organises the trip in collaboration with FC4YOU, a foundation affiliated to FC Utrecht that develops activities for the youth within the region of Utrecht who are socially less fortunate.