14 April, 2012

The Regional Football Association today rescheduled its regional congress that was called to discuss reports of the past season and usher in the new season for the commencement of the division two league.

The postponement was agreed following the failure of the three committees in charge of the division two, juvenile and the women leagues.

Club representatives were disappointed at the turn of events and impressed on the RFA to be more committed to duty since the same attitude was demonstrated last year.

The Regional football association chairman Alhaji Adam Munkaila tasked the committees to submit their reports before the next congress in a fortnight.

42 clubs will enter this year’s competition to be played in a special format that was revealed by a 3-man committee instituted by the RFA. The membership that included the RFA vice chairman Ahmed Baako Alhassan, Coach Mua-zz Choo and Jawhari Baba-Dua designed a promotion and relegation format on three zones. Each zone is sub-divided into two.

Zone 1 that comprises Tamale and clubs around Yendi will produce two clubs after the zonal competition to advance to the middle league. Zone 2 that is mainly clubs around Damongo and Tolon and Zone 3 that opens competition to clubs around Savelugu and Nalerigu will produce a champion each after the zonal competitions to advance to the middle league.

According to the committee, the last four clubs in the middle league shall vie for honours and the champion will be promoted to play in the division one league.

The committee also added that 2 clubs shall be relegated at the end of the league provided that no club is relegated from the division one league and three clubs shall be relegated if a club is relegated from the division one and so on.