Meeting GFA

15th of February, 2011

Abu met voorzitter GFAOn Tuesday 15th of February, 2011 Abu visited the offices of the Ghana Football Association to meet with the president of the GFA, Mr. Kwasi Nyantakyi. The GFA president commended Abu and his assistants for sending such a good programme to the north. Mister Nyantakyi, a northerner himself: “The lack of facilities in the north prompt soccer players to travel to the south to engage in the profession under harsh conditions and molestations resulting in the abandonment of their soccer career.” It was also noted by the FA president that most soccer talents in the southern academies are from the north.

The FA president mentioned that the GFA will offer the necessary support to successfully execute and put the academy into use. Abu suggested that facilities at the academy could be used by the GFA for the national teams when their camping programmes are shifted to the north as part of the contribution of the academy to the development of soccer in the country. This will have a great impact on the self-confidence and image of the Northern Region.