Commencement construction

28th of January, 2011

TUFA - Start werkzaamhedenBarley a year after the visit of Abu to discuss the establishment of a soccer academy in Tamale, construction works on the project took off in earnest on 28th of January, 2011 at the project site in Kasalgu, about 10 minutes drive from the central business district of Tamale. The expected completion and inauguration of the project is January 2012. Abu: "This is a very special moment. For years I want to do something for my brothers in the Northern Region. Today, this dream becomes reality. My father came this morning to bless the plot, this afternoon a local imam said his prayers. I hope and pray that this project may give a major impetus to the athetic and social development of  our community."

The academy will accommodate among other facilities, a hostel block, managers residence, classroom blocks, restaurant and playing fields. Works on the project started on the fence wall. The construction of fence wall is necessary at this stage to protect the site from public intrusion and safe guard materials and equipment at the construction site when the main buildings took off.
The Regional Football Association (RFA), the Referees Association of Ghana (RAG), the Juvenile Football Association (JFA) and the clubs were invited to the site by TUFC to witness the commencement of works on the project. Karimu Starboy, chairman of the Regional Football Association: "I am very impressed. Honestly, when Abu presented his plans early last year I was not sure whether it would actually turn into reality. The soccer school and its social projects are a tremendous asset to our region and being the chairman of the RFA I will do everything within my power to support this initiative."